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Community Sift
Community Sift
Content Filtering/Moderation
Two Hat Security's Community Sift Tools are dedicated to making online communities better and safer. Rather than using a blacklist or whitelist filter, Community Sift focuses on allowing trusted users to speak more freely while quickly becoming more defensive against users who try to speak inappropriately by limiting what they can say.

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We focus on finding the needles in the haystack. Say goodbye to 200 hours a week of mining log files hoping you stumbled on what's wrong. We'll do the mining, you do the deciding

We focus on the grey. Finding the millions of ways to say the F word is the easy part, the real challenge is the stuff in the middle like "play" which can mean, "let's play a game" or "do you play with yourself?"

Words don't stay the same. They change depending on the context, the character of the person saying it, and the culture.

Not every player is the same. Good players can earn the ability to chat more freely, destructive players can get put in a corner.

You're in control: No need to send us a ticket and wait 7 days. You get your own system. Just change it in real-time, even from your phone.

We've got your back. Your system is backed by a cloud of machines doing their learning from all over the web. As we grow, you grow. That's just not something you can do on a single processor in your own datacentre, nor would you want to.

Our tools rock! Clean, triaged, uncluttered and blazing fast (as in 3000 items per hour fast)

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#201-1405 St. Paul Street
Kelowna, BC
V1Y 2E4 Canada

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