Safety Vendors and Tools:
Web Filtering and Parental Controls
SafeKiddo is a modern application for mobile phones and tablets designed to protect your child from inappropriate online content

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Given the trend of more and more smartphones used by kids and the fact that the Interned is already used small children, we have created an application that provides comprehensive protection on the Internet.

Our mission is to provide you with even one good reason to enjoy the happiness and safety of the hearth. Without invasive inspection and cutting the baby from the possibility of using the network, but with respect and understanding of his curiosity to what the Internet offers him today.

We want you as a conscious and responsible parent protected in an effective and smart way to your child in the network.

With SafeKiddo you do not have to worry about what they are reading or watching it on the Internet. Nor do you have to be there when surfing the web. SafeKiddo your friend who is armed and will notify you of any activity your child in the virtual world

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