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Xooloo Parental Control
Xooloo Parental Control
Web Filtering and Parental Controls
Xooloo™ Parental Control is an Internet protection that represents a unique combination of the most advanced dynamic filtering technologies in order to provide optimum security for children.

Additional Info
Xooloo™ Parental control for MACs, PCs, smartphones and tablets: With its connection time monitoring feature and its three preconfigured filtering profiles tailored for children, teenagers and adults, parents can easily monitor the Internet user experience for every member of the family, gradually giving more freedom and responsibility to children as they grow.

1. Use Xooloo™ Parental Control:
- To protect children from harmful or inappropriate contents.
- To monitor kids and teenagers’ screen time.
- To secure computers and mobile devices from viruses and mishandlings.

2. How does Xooloo™ protect Macs, PCs and mobile devices?
- Xooloo™ uses 3 preconfigured filtering profiles: the “Child mode”, the “Teenager mode” and the “Parent mode”.
- An Internet browsing filter analyzes web pages in real-time to protect children from inappropriate contents.
- An application blocker lets parents choose which apps fit their child depending on his/her age. (Example: social networks, instant messaging services…)
- Personalized lists of forbidden and authorized websites lets parents adapt the protection to their child.
- The connection time monitoring features lets parents set time slots during which Internet browsing is allowed every day.
- Daily reports let parents easily review children’s online activities. Xooloo™ Parental control opens the richness of the world to teenagers with complete peace of mind for parents.

3. Xooloo™ is easy to use:
- Fast to install.
- Easy to configure: Your computer or mobile device protected in 3 clicks.
- Backup and restore your settings in seconds.

4. Our technology is safe:
- Xooloo™ is ranked #1 by independent agencies when it comes to kids & teenagers Internet protection.
- 99% filtering rate in « Teenager mode » without overblocking.
- 100% filtering rate in « Child mode ».

5. Protection against harmful contents:
- Xooloo™ protects kids against inappropriate and harmful contents.
- Violence, drugs, pornography, gambling, racism-related contents are filtered in real-time.

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2415 Third Street, Suite 231
San Francisco CA 94107
+1 (415) 230-0044
[email protected]

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