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Mobile Analytics Platform
Fuseboxx� is the first and only end-to-end mobile app publishing platform for iOS and Android. Fuseboxx� delivers a free �one stop� solution that provides extensive reporting, actionable analytics and a powerful toolset all in one lightweight SDK.
Metaverse Mod Squad
Content Filtering/Moderation
Your audience is online, but 24/7 interaction with customers and communities is time consuming and tricky. While you focus on delivering an outstanding product, our people are the engagement specialists for your brand: Moderating content, chatting with customers, managing communities, and buzzing in social media.
Advertising Platform
At Ad4Kids, we work to ensure advertising that is safe and secure for children.. It�s so important for us to ensure the quality of our publishers and advertisers. We do a comprehensive review of each of the creatives of our advertisers.
Parental Permissioning and Identity Management
AgeCheq was founded in 2013 to provide tools that help mobile device users manage their private data that is captured, stored and even provided to third parties. Our initial focus is on facilitating compliance with the recently updated Children�s Online Privacy Protection Act (known as COPPA).
Community 102
Content Filtering/Moderation
Community 102 provides high quality content moderation and community management at prices that fit your budget.
Community Sift
Content Filtering/Moderation
Two Hat Security's Community Sift Tools are dedicated to making online communities better and safer. Rather than using a blacklist or whitelist filter, Community Sift focuses on allowing trusted users to speak more freely while quickly becoming more defensive against users who try to speak inappropriately by limiting what they can say.
Crisp Thinking
Content Filtering/Moderation
Crisp provides affordable 24/7 moderation of Facebook and YouTube pages; protecting brands from inappropriate User Generated Content such as Spam, Pornography and Racism. A truly global service offered in over 50 languages and currently moderating over 500 million lines of user generated content each month for over 100 customers.
Content Filtering/Moderation
Founded in 2002, eModeration Limited was set up by Tamara Littletonto provide twenty-four hour moderation to clients in the entertainment and digital publishing industry, working either directly for the brandsor via their agencies.
Image Vision
Content Filtering/Moderation
ImageVision is based in Anna, Texas just north of Dallas. As pioneers in the visual search industry, we�ve developed the world�s only solution for identifying and isolating explicit videos, images and text at both the server and the mobile device levels.
Content Filtering/Moderation
CleanSpeak profanity filtering and moderation software from Inversoft is leading the charge for online safety. CleanSpeak uses a cutting-edge, combined approach of intelligent filtering software, efficiency tools and trained moderators to create 3x the online community protection.
Content Filtering/Moderation
Keepcon is the first company in the world to apply disruptive semantic technology to the content moderation process for web 2.0 sites. That�s why we successfully moderate major 2.0 sites in LATAM, United States and Europe, such as e-commerce sites, digital newspapers, on-line travel agencies, fanpages, blogs, etc.
Parental Permissioning and Identity Management
Kpass is the only safe digital identity that gives parents control over which websites and apps can have their kids� personal information. It�s like a digital permission slip.
Content Filtering/Moderation
Advanced automated moderation service that provides an efficient, secure and cost-effective interface for the review of user generate content. Our platform watches over your online communities every minute of the day with advanced natural language analysis, machine learning and text filtering to protect your brand and users. All backed by our comprehensive support teams and experts in online safety.
Playwire Media Kids Club
Advertising Platform
Do you want to create a memorable campaign that is fun and engaging for kids? These can be very difficult tasks these days with children's well known short attention spans not to mention the task of maintaining compliance with today's COPPA laws. Good thing Playwire media has been doing this for over seven years. Allow our team to bring new ideas to life with custom programs that are sure to get kids to engage.
Privacy Policy Generator and Scanning Tools
PrivacyChoice uses technology and data to make privacy easier. PrivacyChoice for Publishers is a complete privacy management toolset for websites, including third-party privacy-practice assessment, site and app privacy scans and a choice framework including Do-Not-Track, opt-out and cookie consents.
Reptide Media
Ad Sales Firm
Reptide Media Inc. is a digital sales firm and network that champions a portfolio of kid-friendly publishers to create buying power and offer advertisers scale. We focus on College/Young Adults, Youth/Teens, and Kids/Parents. We are able to manage all aspects of ad revenue from direct sales and networks to yield management, ad operations, and even billing.
SuperAwesome Kids Network
Advertising Platform
SuperAwesome Kids Network the largest kids and teens ad network in the UK which extends across browser, mobile and online video. It�s safe, compliant and effective. We reach over 8M uniques per month and adding more every week.

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