About our seals
Any publisher or developer whose website, mobile app, or technology is displaying one of the kidSAFE Seals has demonstrated that their seal-bearing product complies with the kidSAFE-established guidelines corresponding to that Seal, as illustrated below.

If a product is awarded the "kidSAFE+ COPPA" Seal, which is an FTC-approved COPPA certification program, this means kidSAFE has also verified their compliance with our additional "COPPA Privacy Rules". These rules are modeled after the Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule, a U.S. federal privacy law commonly referred to as "COPPA" or the "COPPA Rule". You can learn more about COPPA from this simple one-page COPPA educational guide.


Requires compliance with the following "Basic Safety Rules" (as applicable):

  • Safety measures for chat, community, and social features
  • Rules and educational info about online safety
  • Procedures for handling safety issues and complaints
  • Parental controls over child's account
  • Age-appropriate content, advertising, and marketing
kidSAFE+ COPPA-CERTIFIED Seal (FTC-Approved "Safe Harbor")

Requires compliance with the Basic Safety Rules above, plus the following additional "COPPA Privacy Rules" (as applicable):

  • Neutral age questions
  • Parental notice and consent procedures
  • Parental access to child's personal information
  • Data integrity and security procedures
  • COPPA-compliant privacy policy
  • COPPA oversight and enforcement by the kidSAFE® Seal Program

Requires compliance with the following general principle:

  • Designed and intended for use by children, families, and/or schools
If you are a business interested in learning more about our certification guidelines and/or becoming a member in our program, please contact us here.

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